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“We all have the capacity to make a difference.”  That is the quote that Phillip R. Miller has used to model his life.  Phillip, a Detroit native overcame many challenges while growing up in the crime ridden neighborhoods of the inner-city. Because of his belief in God, strong parenting, and a dedicated network of mentors, Phillip was able to ascend from neighborhoods filled with violence, drugs, and hopelessness.  “First of all, I thank God for keeping me and giving me the mindset to be open to discipline and direction. I cannot say that I did not make huge mistakes growing up on the eastside of Detroit. I will say that when I did get out of line or off course, there was always someone there to help me refocus.” Phillip credits his high school basketball coach, the late Ernest Scott, for having a major impact on his character and work ethic. “My Scott never gave me a thing.  I remember the first day we met.  He looked me in my eyes and said, “Son, if you EVER want to play for me you will work harder that you’ve ever worked before.  In order to wear MY uniform, you have to be the best in the classroom as well as on the court.”  Phillip heeded his coach’s advice and went on to become part of a team that won consecutive East Division Championships.  He also transferred those teachings to his personal life.  He continued his education earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Saginaw Valley State University and a Master’s Degree in Education from Wayne State University.
As a community activist, Phillip has worked vigorously as teen mentor, conflict resolution specialist, educational tutor, and motivational speaker.  He created, Teens Tied Up, a program that trains young men how to dress appropriately for job interviews and the business world.  He also developed Male Action Plan (M.A.P.), a program where troubled youths receive individualized mentoring and life coaching strategies based on their specific needs and aspirations.
Founder - Phillip R. Miller
After 22 years as an educator and administrator with Detroit Public Schools, Phillip founded the Phillip R. Miller Foundation which allocates resources and opportunities that directly assist inner-city youth. “WE ARE DREAM BUILDERS.  It is our responsibility to help young people realize their dreams. It does not matter, where you are, where you are from, your socioeconomic status, or your aptitude level.  We welcome you to give us the opportunity to help you realize your fullest potential.”
God Bless