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Effective Inner City Youth Programs

To have a community of well-rounded adults, we have to start training at a young age. That's where the Phillip R. Miller Foundation comes in. We hope to build a brighter future for Douglasville, GA, through our inner city youth programs.


As part of the Male Action Plan program, young men in our area gain the strength needed to rise above daily challenges. We hope to guide them in the right direction.


Each participant is paired with a mentor. It is our goal to pair youths with a mentor that has experience in their field of interest.

Conflict Resolution

This program offers intensive training in alternative strategies to handling conflict. Participants gain social confidence and learn how to eradicate bullying.

Youth Officials

In this program, teens meet local sports officials and receive training to officiate sports on their own. Participants can join the sports officials association and they even get the chance to earn money by officiating sub varsity athletics.

Leadership Academy

Participants receive hands-on experience in the workforce through volunteer work and paid internships. Essential leadership skills are explicitly taught and teens get the opportunity to put them into practice in the real world. Topics like self-esteem, public speaking, business decorum, and self-advocacy are covered in this program.

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